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At Blackbird Legal, we understand that ending a relationship is not just a matter of filing the correct paperwork with the court. The decisions that you make during the divorce process often affect you for years afterwards. Blackbird Legal works closely with a network of professionals who are here to support you and guide you to make the decisions necessary to begin your new life on the right foot. We encourage our clients to think proactively by scheduling time with therapists, retirement coaches, physical trainers, financial planners, and other supportive professionals. Ask us about our discounts for healthy habits!

Child Custody

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Custody is initially determined during the divorce process. However, there are many circumstances which might lead to a change in the custody orders.  For instance, if one parent moves closer or farther away the custody arrangement might need to be adjusted so that both parties still get quality time with the kids. Do you have an existing custody order that no longer works for you? Schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your options!

Gender Marker & Name Change

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Blackbird Legal is proud to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community!  We offer easy, flat fee gender marker and name change services. Schedule a consultation today to determine if you are eligible for a gender marker and name change!  



Are you curious about the divorce, modification, or enforcement process? The Texas Young Lawyer’s Association publishes a wonderful guide to the court process. You can find the guide here: GUIDE