What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence isn't always easy to identify. In most cases the behavior has gradually increased over time and it can be difficult to pinpoint when the abuse began. 


Economic abuse

Does your partner prevent you from getting a job? Are you given an allowance and not allowed to access the family accounts? Is your spending closely monitored?

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The cycle of abuse

Many abusive relationships go through cycles of good and bad periods, This is commonly known as the cycle of abuse. Tensions begin to build until the abusive partner lashes out. This is often followed by a "honeymoon" phase in which the abuse survivor begins to feel that everything could be alright if they just do everything right. Maybe it will be alright this time?

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Getting help

If you feel that you are in an abusive relationship, you have options. Please click the image below to visit our page of resources.

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Coercion and Threats

One of the most common signs of abuse is coercion or threats. Does your partner make you do illegal things? Threaten you with suicide if you were to leave? Threaten to hurt you or a loved one?


Emotional abuse

Does your partner constantly call you names or put you down? Do they make you think you are crazy or tell you that you are imagining things? Do they make you feel guilty for small things?

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Leaving the relationship

It is not uncommon for an abuse survivor to attempt the leave the abusive situation and then return to the abuser. At Blackbird Legal we understand the process and will support you no matter the stage you are in.



To learn more about domestic violence, click the image below to visit TheHotline.org.

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